Management and Production Promotions

JAMA has announced 10 promotions across the leadership, engineering, and drafting teams in June. Each of the following groups, along with other staff, ensure the highest levels of client service and innovation, and have kept JAMA at the forefront of structural engineering in high seismic zones. Kim Pacheco – Associate Principal James Lee – Senior Project Manager Hossain Ghaffari – Senior Project Manager Erik Hilkey –
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New Associate Principals – Diane Duvand and Matt Timmers

Recognizing the contributions of up and coming leaders, John A. Martin & Associates is pleased to announce that Diane Duvand and Matt Timmers have been promoted to Associate Principal. They join the leadership of Partners Barry Schindler, Jackie Vinkler, Kal Benuska, Shane Fitzgerald, Steve Ball, Trailer Martin, Managing Partner Kurt Clandening, and Principal Satish Matani. Diane and Matt have a combined thirty-
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