Team Celebrates Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Completion

JAMA team members are celebrating the completion of the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park MOB. The facility, one of more than a dozen completed by JAMA, was designed and constructed with an aggressive schedule within the tight site of a fully developed medical campus in Baldwin Park.

Restricted to 60,000 square feet because of campus entitlements, initial planning indicated that the project should be 3 stories, but with Orthopedics taking up more than 50% of the buildings function, a separation of their spaces was going to have a detrimental impact on the quality of member care. The team, which included SLAM Collaborative (architects) and Pankow (contractors) focused on developing a solution that could deliver the highest quality of patient experience. Ultimately a 2-story building with a continuous floor dedicated to the Orthopedics department’s needs and accessory functions achieved that goal.