Parbi Boodaghian

JAMA Celebrates Staff Promotions

In spite of work from home protocols, the JAMA team continues to collaborate and innovate in amazing ways. We are proud to announce the following Engineering and BIM promotions, as these staff expand our technical excellence and contribute to our Engineering Excellence. Congratulations! Leonard Kim, Project Manager David Dorier-Sammut, Senior Project Engineer Erik Hilkey, Senior Project Engineer Mario Leon, Senior Pr
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Montclair Place Almost Complete

We’re just a month or so away from completion of the Montclair Place AMC Theater Shell and Core. Rooftop equipment was placed at the end of March and the structure’s main waterproofing was completed on April 10th. Escalators were placed in position just last week, and as of the publishing of this post, installation of the aluminum facade was about 50% complete.  Kudos to the JAMA project team, which included Sco
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