Dr. Hossain Ghaffari

Getting Cozy with Godzilla at the Cinerama Dome

Sometimes it’s amazing what engineers do for their jobs. This week JAMA Associate Principal Matt Timmers and Project Manager Hossain Ghaffari got warm and cozy with Godzilla at the top of the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. When the two arrived for a site visit to check loads and cable anchors of the inflatable monster on top of the structure, they expected to simply take a look from the ground and discuss the installati
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JAMA Project Manager Celebrates 20th “JAMA-versary”

With 70 employees, celebrating a JAMA-versary is a common occurrence around the office, but it’s always a special day when someone hits a milestone like 20 years. Dr. Hossain Ghaffari, Ph.D., a Project Manager at JAMA, did just that last month. When asked what’s been the special thing that’s kept him at the firm for all these years he replied “JAMA’s professional environment, where ethical and technical matters are h
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