St. Charles Borromeo Begins Construction

JAMA’s team of Satish M., Ben R., Pi C., Raytene H., Shane F. and Ben K. recently started construction on a new church for the Diocese of Fresno. Founded in 2011, the church – St. Charles Borromeo – is the newest within the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in Visalia and serves the southwest portion of the City.

The project’s roof structure is framed with plywood and wood I-joists supported by large glulam scissor trusses that span over 80 feet. The cupola roof structure over the alter is supported by a glulam tension/compression ring and struts, which visually frees up the central worship space from interior columns. Exterior walls are made up of reinforced concrete formed using insulated concrete formwork (ICF). The ICF walls are leave-in formwork that make it easier to construct the building and lessen the energy demands on the interior space by providing a high R-value.