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The Seismic Design Handbook remains the standard textbook of earthquake-resistant design for the 6th consecutive year.

Seismic Performance of Extensively Instrumented Buildings -- An Interactive Information System -- .

Investigation of the Extent of Strucutral Damage Caused by Fire at the McFrugal's Distribution Center.

Investigation of the Extent of Strucutral Damage Caused by the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster.

Design Classification of Horizontal and Vertical Earthquake Ground Motions (1933-1994).

Design Ground Motion Criteria for Base Isolated Hospital Buildings.

JAMA Strucutual Design System (3 pages).

Interactive Software System for Seismic Base Isolation Performance Evaluations (OUTBASIS).

Interactive Nonlinear Displacement Capacity Analysis Software (INDAS).

Predictive Tools of Earthquake Engineering.

Earthquakes: Be Prpeared! (2 pages).

Earthquakes: A Multimedia Introduction.

The Multimedia San Andreas Fault System.

MEDCASE: A Multimedia Problem Solving Case Study Program for Teaching Pathophysiology of Diseases (2 pages).

Steel, Concrete, & Composite Design of Tall Buildings, 2nd Edtion, is now available from McGraw Hill Publishers.

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