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In today’s dynamic professional services market one needs all the competitive edge one can get. In such an environment, is it necessary to have access to the latest technical Information? Does an engineering firm need to acquire various off-the-shelf software products? Obviously the answer is yes.

Are these sufficient to assume a leading role in the industry? We do not think so.

Those who have a clear vision of the future, who step beyond what is readily available, who go beyond the current state-of-the-art and practice, who invest in development of their own technical and computing resources, those are the ones who stay ahead of the competition.

To be the leader, one must offer creative solutions to clients’ needs. Unique solutions seldom come out of canned, off-the-shelf, packages. Research and computing facilities need to be compatible with clients’ special needs, strong points, modes of operation, styles of management, and types of services.

At John A. Martin and Associates, we combine what is available today with what will be available tomorrow. We procure the best of all that is available today. Then we go many steps further.

We have developed our own tailor-made computing facilities, new analysis and design methodologies, software systems, and new earthquake resistant design technologies.

We provide solutions. We re the experts in adjusting to new conditions. We provide solutions. Each solution matches the exact and unique needs of each client.

Other engineers offer the same "off-the-shelf" approach to everyone. We provide creative solutions to your unique needs. Others try to mold your needs to match their capabilities. We try to mold our capabilities to match your needs.

Here are some examples!

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