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Computer Networking and MIS Services

One of the many responsibilities of the Research and Development Department at John A. Martin and Associates, Inc. is planning, design, procurements, maintenance, and support of the individual computer systems, the local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and LAN to WAN connectivity of our corporation. This includes:

• Several Novel Netware™ Network Servers

• Several Windows NT™ Network Servers

• Network Gateways, Haubs, and Routers

• The Corporate Intranet Site and Internal E-Mail System

• The Corporate World Wide Web and FTP Sites

• More than 20 Networked CAD Workstations

• More than 40 Networked Engineering Workstations

• More than 10 Support Personnel Workstations

• WAN communications including Internet E-Mail, FTP, and binary Attachments

• Integrated Messaging and Voice/Fax/Data Integration

• Design of Network Wiring layouts and backbone integrity.

• Application and maintenance of Integrated Services Digital Network Lines

• Software Metering and Licensing Applications

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