Kern County ITS Data Center

Kern County ITS Data Center
Bakersfield, CA
Size: 26,000 square feet

Kern County’s ITS Data Center is a single story, 26,000 square foot structure providing a secure location for Kern County’s computer processing and data equipment, and an improved work environment for County IT staff. With an 8’-10’ drop across the site from north to south, the building’s shear wall and steel frame structure accommodates the grade change without steps or ramps. A 5,000 square foot main computer room and utility “spine” are to clustered to the north, while the south end of the building has a raised concrete floor over metal deck. Utilizing the adjacency of a proposed atrium with retaining walls that allow for major site cuts and drain lines, the southern half of the building remains level and provides under floor access for the programming area deck. This system allows for changes in electrical services in the future without resorting to power poles in the actual apace above. The project has been the recipient of several awards, including an Honor award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Golden Empire Chapter.

Date: July 06, 2020