Performance Assessment Calculation Tool

JAMA Engineers are taking a small suggestion and are running with it – to the benefit of clients and the firm. The Stanford Escondido Student Housing project is an enormous effort, full of submittals, reviews and countless hours of coordination. In a recent meeting with a peer reviewer, a quick conversation about seismic performance of existing campus structures sparked an idea with JAMA team members: what if the University could easily understand the ramifications of seismic events on all campus structures through a single, easy interface?

Piggy-backing on a performance assessment calculation tool (PACT) software that JAMA programmer Scott Hagie had developed with the Applied Technology Council several years ago, the team adapted the program for campus use. With simple input by campus personnel, the tool allows
in-depth scenario planning. Users can quickly understand the potential consequences of a building’s response to earthquakes, including:

• Casualties (life loss and severe injury)
• Direct economic loss (repair and replacement costs), and
• Downtime (loss of use of damaged or destroyed facilities)

While it’s uncertain whether Stanford will adopt this for their use, the JAMA team is considering offering such an application to other higher ed institutions.