JAMA Winter Olympics 2018 Goes for the Gold

JAMA celebrates birthdays on a monthly basis with a themed Happy Hour, but February’s event didn’t just include food and fun – it offered an Olympic-sized opportunity for employees to flex their “skills” in tailor made events that honored the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea:

Curling (aka shuffle board) wasn’t exactly what your Grandparents play in Florida. JAMA’s neighbor from the second floor Gold. JAMA structural engineer Kim P. took home the Silver; and Mike B. took the Bronze.

Ice Hockey (aka foosball) offered fierce competition among the office’s “skaters.” Two teams went head to head in this competitive arena, with Mike B. and Matt M. taking home the Gold. Jaime G. and Leonard K. were left with the Silver.

Tower Building (aka engineering) since we are structural engineers after all, Mike B’s team managed to pull in the Gold with the tallest tower with the smallest footprint; Kent’s team squeaked in with Silver; and Sonia’s team brought home Bronze.

Biathlon where individual competition meant staff could show off some powerful Nerf gun skills. David D.-S. handily took the Gold medal, leaving the threesome of Jennifer, Matt M. and Sam D. with a group Silver. Mike B. was exhausted from the other events but still managed a Bronze.