JAMA Welcomes Srikar Gunisetty, P.E.

It isn’t our preferred strategy, but JAMA has been remotely onboarding new employees during the pandemic. One of the latest is Project Engineer Srikar Gunisetty, P.E.. We caught up with him (online, of course) in order to share some of his current and recent efforts.

What’s kept you sane during the COVID-19 Safer From Home order? I’ve been holed up in my apartment trying to save the world, but I finally found time to finish that book I’ve been wanting to read, I caught up on multiple Netflix series, and I’ve spent loads of quality time online with friends and family.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve ever worked on? John Burroughs Middle School, a 3-story steel moment frame instruction building divided into two wings connected by an outdoor bridge. With cool features like site specific response spectrum analysis, ConXtech moment frames, friction piles due to bad soil conditions, my very first DSA project had a bit of everything.

What team have you joined at JAMA? I am currently working with Project Manager Kent Kaewwaen on an existing hospital building performing ASCE 41-13 Tier III analysis. Existing buildings are extremely fascinating and have tons of lessons to teach.