JAMA Staff

Our most valuable asset is our staff. When John A. “Jack” Martin founded the firm in 1953 he selected and nurtured a team of individuals that were dedicated to engineering and committed to their clients but who recognized that their collective strengths were greater than their individual talents. For 60 years JAMA has continued to build on this premise, applying our collective research, innovation and experience to add value to thousands of projects worldwide.

Today, JAMA employs nearly 50 in the firm’s Los Angeles headquarters and draws upon the resources of staff in 8 affiliate offices. JAMA has built its outstanding reputation through the efforts of our dedicated staff, and we are proud that our culture reflects our loyalty to our clients, our projects, and to each other.

Tito Aguirre

John Arico

Jose Ayala

Celia Barraza

Kal Benuska

Sheila Bethancourt

Parbi Boodaghian

Kim Carden

Pi Chansuk

Richard Chow

Justin Chung

Kurt Clandening

Mark Day

Roger Dijulio

Sam Domiati

David Dorier-Sammut

Katie Driscoll

Diane Duvand

Mitch Fanning

Shane S. Fitzgerald

Michael Garcia

Hossain Ghaffari

Scott Hagie

Suzie Halim

Raytene Han

Erik Hilkey

Jeena Jayamon

Eric Jimenez

Kent Kaewwaen

Sabrina Ketel

Leonard Kim

Ben Kirton

Ted Kirton

Richard Lawrence

Heryang Lee

James Lee

Mario Leon

Weian Liu

Richard Lubas

John A. “Trailer” Martin, Jr, SE

Satish Matani

Matt Michnewich

Erick Molina

Adena Nik

Felix Olmos

Greg Orozco

Raul Oseguera

Kim Pacheco

Art Padilla

Christine Pang

Sonia Pena

Jesse Plasmyer

Ivy Policar

Deisy Preciado

Cindy Qian

Ben Rogowski

Barry Schindler

Marcello Sgambelluri

Jenni Shishido

Victor Tampinco

Matt Timmers

Anthony Trgovcich

Jackie Vinkler

Scott Willard

Madison Williams

Not Pictured: Patty Hamabata