JAMA Helps Prepare Japanese Samurai House for Transport to Huntington

After a 2-year
study, JAMA is assisting The Huntington Library in moving forward with the
seismic renovation and relocation of a former samurai house from Marugame Japan
to the Huntington’s San Marino campus. The team for the project, referred to as
the Japanese Heritage House, has grown to include two Japanese architects, one
American architect, a general contractor, framers, and craftsmen.

In March, Project
Manager Kim Pacheco traveled to Marugame to view the house in its existing
condition and meet other members of the team.This summer, a rehearsal
build will take place in neighboring Matsuyama, Japan, including templates to
locate new plywood shear walls. The house will then be disassembled and packed
into shipping containers, due to arrive in the US by the end of the year.
Reconstruction in California will begin in January 2020, along with
construction of a new gate house and site wall to enclose a new exhibit space.

Planning of this complex project has required extensive coordination
between the Japanese and American teams. Reconstruction of the existing
structural elements and architectural finishes will be performed by Japanese
tradesmen while all new construction will be performed by US workers. Finishes
in the new structures will also be performed by Japanese tradesmen.