JAMA Announces Hiring of Shop Drawing Detailer Kelly Kim

JAMA is excited to introduce Kelly Kim – an important part of our expansion plan for 2020. As a shop drawing detailer and project coordinator, Kelly is helping us work across the contractor/designer divide to create structural drawings in parallel with steel details. Following are excerpts from an interview with Kelly:

Professional experience: 15+ years of Structural steel detailing and 10+ years as an Autodesk software developer with B.S. in Architectural Engineering.

Why JAMA: because we share the same vision. “Working as a steel detailer, I’ve always thought that someone in my position should work closely with structural engineers and doing so offer synergy and improved results. It’s exciting that this thinking is in line with JAMA’s business plan – to provide better, differentiated services to clients. We’re already working to achieve this elevated position together by continuously interacting across BIM/CAD staff, Structural Engineers, and members of the firm’s Advanced Technology Group.”

Latest trip: “Niagara Falls with my husband. We stayed on the Canadian side and walked across the Rainbow Bridge to get spectacular views. It is truly one of the world’s greatest sights, and was quite an experience to walk across the bridge between two countries.”