Getting Cozy with Godzilla at the Cinerama Dome

Sometimes it’s amazing what engineers do for their jobs. This
week JAMA Associate Principal Matt Timmers and Project
Manager Hossain Ghaffari got warm and cozy with Godzilla at the top of the Cinerama
Dome in Hollywood.

When the two arrived for a site visit to check loads and
cable anchors of the inflatable monster on top of the structure, they expected
to simply take a look from the ground and discuss the installation with the
crew. Instead, the inflatables marketing team handed them harnesses and
suggested they “suit up” to take a look in person. The multi-story piece was
placed on top of the iconic dome as part of a marketing campaign for the
Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie, opening May 31, but required great care
as large-scale lighting was attached as well. Winds or other weather could
greatly affect the safety of the structure as well as crowds if the piece
shifted too far from its intended position.