The Future of Technology Article By JAMA’s BIM Director

JAMA’s BIM Director Marcello Sgambelluri authored an article for AutoDesk on the future of Virtual Reality (VR) within the design industries. The article is a powerful acknowledgement of the changes coming to the design and construction industry, and JAMA’s capabilities in this technological arena.

Through a dedicated VR station and Marcello’s assistance, teams use virtual environments and gaming technologies to visualize and explore designs in ways that they can more easily detect structural irregularities and design issues. The firm is also preparing for the next wave in exploiting VR’s potential: creating structures and products from scratch in VR. Doing so – without the use of 2D computer screens and tedious commands – would allow designers to create more organic shapes with a higher level of granular detail. Read more about JAMA’s process and the future of technology here.