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(A/E) indicates an architect or engineer should be consulted. (LS) indicates a life safety hazard. Items in italics are generally already taken care of in public schools if they were part of recent, state-approved construction.

1. Are decorations or appendages adequately attached? (solution E1)

2. Are statuary or decorative objects anchored? (solution E1)(A/E)

3. Are tall backboards or fences supported by pressure-treated wood posts or galvanized metal posts? (provide anchorage to ground)

4. Are fences made of concrete, concrete block, stone or brick, adequately reinforced to resist earthquakes? (reinforce or remove) (A/E)

5. If large trees are leaning or in poor health are they supported? (support or remove trees)

6. Is signage adequately secured, especially if heavy? (solution E1)