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(A/E) indicates an architect or engineer should be consulted. (LS) indicates a life safety hazard. Items in italics are generally already taken care of in public schools if they were part of recent, state-approved construction.

1. Are freestanding, movable, partial-height partitions--especially if supporting bookshelves--adequately braced? (solution PA1)

2. Have all unreinforced masonry partitions, usually brick or hollow tile walls in pre-1933 buildings, been removed? (remove them) (LS)

3. Are light-weight drywall partitions that extend as high as the hung ceiling braced or supported by the structure above, particularly if these partitions are used as lateral support for tall shelving or cabinets? (solution PA2 (A/E)

4. Are the clear panels in partitions made of plastic or safety glass? (replace with shatter-proof material or apply shatter-resistant film)