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(A/E) indicates an architect or engineer should be consulted. (LS) indicates a life safety hazard. Items in italics are generally already taken care of in public schools if they were part of recent, state-approved construction.

1. Are the water heaters restrained? (solution ME1)

2. Is the furnace or boiler restrained? (solution EF8) (A/E)

3. Are there masonry incinerator chimneys on the school site that have not been reinforced? (remove them) (A/E) (LS)

4. Are large diameter pipes braced or do pipes that cross expansion joints have accommodation for movement? (solution ME2) (A/E)

5. Are fans, chillers, pumps, or other heating-ventilating-air conditioning equipment--typically found in mechanical rooms--restrained or mounted correctly? (solution ME3a or ME3b) (A/E)

6. Do the fire sprinkler risers have a v- brace to the wall, and do the large diameter sprinkler pipes have diagonal braces to the structure above? (solution ME2)(A/E)