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(A/E) indicates an architect or engineer should be consulted. (LS) indicates a life safety hazard. Items in italics are generally already taken care of in public schools if they were part of recent, state-approved construction.

1. Are desktop computers secured? (solution EF1a or EF1b)

2. Are the tops of tall (4- or 5-drawer) file cabinets secured to the wall? (solution EF2) (LS)

3. Do file cabinet drawers have latches? (provide latches)

4. Are large and heavy office machines restrained and located where they will not slide a few inches, fall off counters or block exits? (solution EF3a or EF3b)

5. Are wall-mounted objects over 5 lbs. connected to structural framing? (solution EF4)

6. Are tall cabinets, bookshelves, coat closets attached to the wall or attached to each other? (solution EF5) (LS)

7. Are desks or tables located such that they will not slide and block exits? (move them)

8. Are tall storage racks cross-braced in both directions or, for racks significantly taller than wide, are there large anchor bolts connected to the concrete slab? (solution EF6) (LS)

9. Are heavy or sharp wall decorations securely mounted, with closed eye-hooks, for example? (solution EF4)

10. Are valuable, fragile art objects or trophies protected against tipping over, breaking glass or sliding off shelves or pedestals? (solution EF7)

11. Are refrigerators or ranges restrained by built-in kitchen cabinetry or attachments to floor or wall? (solution EF2) (LS)

12. Is floor-supported freestanding shop equipment secured against overturning or sliding? (solution EF8) (LS)

13. Are fire extinguishers securely mounted? (solution EF9)

14. Are potted plants or heavy items on top of file cabinets or other high locations restrained? (solution EF10)

15. Are display cases or aquariums protected against overturning or sliding off tables? (solution EF1a or EF1b)

16. Are weight room equipment and racks anchored and weights properly stored? (provide secured racks)

17. Is freestanding equipment on wheels locked against rolling? (lock wheels)