Table of Contents

Robert E. Wallace
1. General features
Robert E. Wallace
2. Geomorphic expression
Robert E. Wallace
3. Geology and plate-tectonic development
William P. Irwin
4. Quaternary deformation
Robert D. Brown, Jr.
5. Seismicity, 1980-86
David P. Hill, Jerry P. Eaton,
and Lucile M. Jones

6. Earthquake history, 1769-1989
William L. Ellsworth
7. Present-day crustal movements and
the mechanics of cyclic deformation

Wayne Thatcher
8. Lithospheric structure and tectonics
from seismic refraction and other data

Gary S. Fuis and Walter D. Mooney
9. Crustal and lithospheric structure
from cavity and magnetic studies

Andrew Griscom and Robert C. Jachens
10. Stress and heat flow
Arthur Lachenbruch and A. McGarr
Additional reading and source material

Robert E. Wallace, compiler