These pages are based on a publication which was prepared to help parents deal with children's fears and anxieties following a disaster. When we use the word "parents" here and throughout these pages, we are also including teachers and other adults having responsibility for the child.

This manuscript for the publication was developed by SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CHILD GUIDANCE CLINIC 9650 Zelzah Avenue, Northridge, California 91325 and was sponsored by American Red Cross Federal Emergency Management Agency The publication is available from U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1989 621-564/01061

Edited and updated for electronic adaptation by Farzad Naeim and implemented in the Earthquakes: Be Prepared CD-ROM which was created with partial support from State of California, Department of Commerce, Office of Strategic Technologies. Printed copies of this and similar publications mat be obtained from California Office of Emergency Services. The articles presented are all selected from California Geology, a publication of California Department of Conservation.