February 2017

Mixed-Use Retail Project Finalizes Framing in Kirkland, Washington

Construction is gaining momentum at the Village at Totem Lake, a mixed-use, design-build project in Kirkland, Washington. JAMA is providing structural engineering for this effort, which is expected to be have Phase I complete later this year. The original Totem Lake Mall was built in 1973, and has experienced varying states of vacancy and neglect. The renovation and expansion, for brands like Whole Foods, includes fi
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The 165,000 square foot Health Sciences Innovation Building (formerly referred to as the Simulation, Inter-Professional Health, Education & Research or SIPHER building) is out of the ground! This healthcare / higher-education facility built on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson is a joint effort between JAMA and Martin, White, Griffis Structural Engineers in Tucson. In addition to flexible large, medium
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