July 2013

JAMA Principal Presents Webinar

JAMA Principal Steve Ball, SE, presented a live webinar on behalf of software company Bentley as part of the company’s “Structural Software User Spotlight” series. Held on July 30, the presentation focused on JAMA’s role in the Los Angeles International Terminal expansion and the RAM structural software used for the project. Highlights included the firm’s curved moment frame concept that utilized non-orthogonal momen
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Castellated Beams at Emerson College Los Angeles

This month marked a milestone in the construction of the new Emerson College Los Angeles Center; the final construction beam was set on July 17th and activity is quickening in anticipation of the project’s January 2014 opening. Part of the final construction assembly included eleven 120’ castellated beams (a type of expanded beam) on the north side of the structure. The castellated beams at Emerson serve a dual purpo
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